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Animal Orthotics & Prosthetics

Dogs In Motion Canine Rehabilitation is proud to be the Australian Distributor for OrthoPets. OrthoPets are the industry leader in orthotics and prosthetics for animals.

The Orthopets Story

OrthoPets have made Orthotic and Prosthetic Solutions available to veterinarians, animal physiotherapists, allied animal health care providers, and patient owners alike. Through these relationships, OrthoPets continues to revolutionise Orthotic and Prosthetic Solutions to better meet the needs of animal patients.

OrthoPets is the only certified V-OP Veterinary Clinic in the entire world that works on animals full time. OrthoPets has distributors all over the world including OrthoPets Europe, OrthoPets Canada, OrthoPets Australia, and OrthoPets South Africa.

Orthopets Australia

Martin-in-workshop-finalDogs In Motion has been the Australian distributor for OrthoPets since 2009. Michelle Monk, director and founder of Dogs in Motion, has always had an interest in prosthetics and orthotics, from her human physiotherapy days. On several occasions she had sought the assistance of an orthotist in Australia, but the experience of canine biomechanics was lacking and the devices she tried did not solve the patient problems. This led Michelle to seek out a more experienced prosthetist / orthotist – and she came across OrthoPets USA. She was very impressed with the dedication Martin Kaufmann from OrthoPets had to his patients, the quality of his devices and his extensive experience.

Our professional relationship with OrthoPets USA has meant we have been able to offer mobility solutions to pets all over Australia that were essentially ‘out of options’. This has been an exciting and extremely rewarding step for Dogs In Motion.

Our role as the distributor is to:

  • Assess patients for suitability for an OrthoPets device
  • Take fibreglass cast impressions of patients in our clinic
  • Provide casting kits and instructions for vets to cast patients in their own clinics as required
  • Collect all patient information and fibreglass cast impressions for checking prior to shipping to USA for manufacture
  • Receive all devices back from the USA for fitting or distribution to vet clinics
  • Provide rehabilitation guidelines to all patients assessed and fitted in our clinic
  • Assess devices for wear and carry out adjustments as required
  • Liaise and provide support and information to veterinarians and pet owners

Animal Orthotic and Prosthetic Products

Below you will find detailed information about our most common devices. OrthoPets can provide a mobility solution for just about anything. If your pet or patient does not fit into one of these categories, please contact us to discuss the particular needs of the case.

Please note that all OrthoPets products are custom made and require measurement, casting and fitting by a veterinarian and/or physiotherapist.

  • The Process: In order to make a device that fits your pet’s leg perfectly, a fibreglass impression must be made of the limb. Make sure you read through the instructions and watch the casting video first prior to commencing If the cast is not made correctly, we will ask you to repeat it, to avoid unnecessary adjustments having to be made down the track. Some measurement forms will also need to be completed by your pet’s vet. The fiberglass impression and forms need to be sent to Dogs In Motion for final checking. If the cast needs to be repeated, or additional information is required, we will contact you and let you know.If the cast has been made correctly and we receive all the additional information, we will then contact you for payment prior to shipping to the USA. Once the cast reaches the USA, it will be manufactured and returned to us here at Dogs In Motion, before being sent on to you, or fitted in our clinic. This process typically takes 3 weeks. If you require a rush service there is an additional fee. This generally reduces the whole process down to 2 weeks.
  • Pricing: These are prescriptive devices so fees will vary from case to case. Please contact us for a quote.
  • Payment: Payment of the total fee is required prior to shipping the cast impression to the USA. Once the cast impression reaches the USA and your individual orthosis / prosthesis design is decided, we will contact you if any additional small fee is required. Payment can be made by credit card, EFTPOS or direct debit.
  • Questions: Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Click on the relevant link below to find out more about the specific device type you need:

Orthotics and Prosthetics for Dogs