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Heat or Ice, Which is Best for an Older Dog

Heat or ice, which is best for an older dog - Dogs in Motion Blog

Knowing what is best for your older dog when it comes to treatment of their ailments and making them more comfortable can change as your dog gets older. If your dog is in pain or has an injury, the difference between using heat or ice can be the difference in the way they heal and…

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Prevent injuring yourself when looking after your dog

Most of us will suffer from back pain at one time or another, but if you are having to lift, or move your dog, help it to stand or walk during recovery, or as they age, then you are increased risk of injuring yourself. As physiotherapists we are interested in not only rehabilitating your dog,…

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How do I choose the correct harness for my dog?

This is a question we get asked at least once per day at Dogs In Motion. Choosing a harness that suits you and your dog is no mean feat! There are different harnesses for different purposes- and some suit some dogs and their owners better than others. Most of the harnesses we recommend and sell…

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Tips For Keeping Your Dog Amused During Confinement

One of the biggest issues for owners and their dogs after injury or surgery can be the confinement that’s required to allow the body part to heal. For most soft or bony tissue injuries or surgeries, there will be a minimum of 8 weeks exercise restriction to allow the tissues time to rest and heal,…

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Acupuncture for Dogs- Get the Facts

Guest Post by Vet Acupuncturist Dr Sara Baldey What Is Acupuncture? Acupuncture is an ancient branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  It has been used in both people and animals for thousands of years.  Acupuncture utilises the body’s own ability to heal itself to establish health and balance in the patient. This is mediated through the…

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Wheelchairs for Dogs: When should you consider one?

Wheelchairs for dogs have really improved in recent years and there are many more brands to choose from now. These can be a great addition to your dog’s recovery from surgery or injury; and for some dogs whose rear limbs don’t work well (but the rest of their body is fine) they can be life changing,…

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Do Dogs Have Strokes Like Humans?

This is a very common question I am asked when treating physiotherapy patients at Dogs In Motion. The answer to this question is indeed ‘yes’ however dogs do not have strokes as humans do. This is mainly because the normal causes of a stroke in people such as high blood pressure or high stress levels…

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