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Courses for Pet Owners

At Dogs In Motion Canine Rehabilitation, we are committing to providing top quality education to owners and their pets to help maximise their quality of life and longevity

Upcoming Courses and Workshops 2016

mobs-buddy-spineCanine Massage for Pet Owners

This short course is a general information course, designed for owners of pets who would like to know more about how to massage their pet at home, for relaxation and to relieve muscle soreness. If your dog has a particular pathology or has had recent surgery, please see your vet or animal physiotherapist for advice before commencing massage on your dog.

This courses consists of a series of 4 videos, delivered via email once per week for 4 weeks.

Topics covered include setting up your environment and dog for massage, basic anatomy to familiarise yourself with your dog's body, mini-assessment for muscle tenderness, several different massage techniques to utilise in different body regions including use of massage balls.

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