Dogs Tails August Issue

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Filled with helpful information, special offers, products, the latest courses by Michelle Monk and everything else that is designed to increase the quality and longevity of your best friends life.

Heat or Ice, which is best for older dogs

Looking for a career change into the canine therapy industry?

The perfect environment for your older dog

ACRA seats selling out fast! Don't miss out

Cold Laser Therapy now available at the clinic

Plus three specials for this month - beds, laser, acupuncture

Dogs in Motion Canine Rehabilitation Help Your Senior Dog Live Longer

Blog Post [2 min read]

Heat or ice, which is best for an older dog - Dogs in Motion Blog

Heat or Ice, Which is Best for an Older Dog

Knowing what is best for your older dog when it comes to treatment of their ailments and making them more comfortable can change as your dog gets older. If your dog is in pain or has an injury, the difference between using heat or ice can be the difference in the way they heal and the quality of their life. Benefits of heat: Heat is a great way to reduce pain, joint stiffness, and muscle spasms. It also improves blood flow especially in dogs with injuries and osteoarthritis. The increase in blood flow can help bring in oxygen and nutrition to the cells. Plus, remove toxins and waste products. Heat is also great when used in conjunction with massage and ...

Thinking about a Career change?

ACRA Accredited Courses

Certificate Courses in Canine Therapy

If you would love a career working with dogs every day, or you want to advance your current career with additional qualifications,
or maybe just want to learn how to provide additional care for your dog after surgery, then this section is for you.

Canine Remedial Massage Course accredited by the ACRA

Certificate Course in Remedial Massage

This canine remedial massage course has been designed by Michelle Monk to teach individuals how to deliver a remedial massage treatment to a canine patient safely and effectively, working in conjunction with the patient’s vet as part of a healthcare team. Incluces business development.

Early bird finishes 8 Sep: Limited places available.


Certificate Course in Hydrotherapy

This canine hydrotherapy course has been designed to teach individuals how to assess the canine patient and deliver a hydrotherapy treatment program to gain the optimum results for each client. Also includes business development information for vet clinics or own businesses.

Early bird finishes 8 Sep: Limited places available.

Blog Post [2 min read]

Dogs in Motion article about how to create the perfect environment for your older dog by Michelle Monk

How to Create the Perfect Environment for your Older Dog

As your dog matures in years, it is natural for their muscles to weaken and their mobility to progressively reduce. These will leave them more vulnerable to injuries and arthritis which can cause aches and pains. Creating the perfect environment for your older dog can help to extend both the duration and the quality of their life. Follow these points below to give you and your dog the best chance of enjoying their later years. Helping them to be happy, healthy, mobile and comfortable. Consider their mobility Be conscious of slippery surfaces and hard to navigate terrain such as stairs when creating the perfect environment for your older dog. These things can create more difficulty in movement and pain for ...

"On The Move"

The ACRA conference October 27-28th 2018 is the highlight of the canine industry calendar. With a line up of incredible speakers this two-day event will expand your mind with the latest in technology, treatment and canine therapy.

Seats are limited to ensure a truly personal experience and this conference is not to be missed. The aim of the conference is to expand your expertise, examine research and developments both locally and internationally, increase your knowledge and connect with other like-minded peers in the industry. 

Dogs in motion book an appointment blog call to action

On special this month only

Experience all the positive benefits your dog will receive by choosing one of these bodywork treatments:


10% off all Dog Beds

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Cold Laser Therapy for dogs is now available at Dogs in Motion Melbourne Australia

Laser Therapy Promotion

8 sessions for $320 (save $80)

Dogs in Motion now offers canine acupuncture appointments

Accupuncture - half price

50% OFF 1ST appointment til Sept 30th

For the best seat in the house, you will have to move the dog every time!

From Michelle's Desk

July is a great time to evaluate how you are going halfway through the year. I've looked at what was working, what our clients needed, and what else we can do to serve more patients and provide the service they need to get them back on their feet faster. The result...a revised course structure making it available to more people, acupuncture now available, online appointments for those who can't make it to the clinic and home visits coming soon in selected areas. 

This, together with lots more success stories from our patients recovering from injury, being able to move again, and lots of happy fur baby parents, is what makes all that I do worthwhile. I look forward to seeing you in the clinic and my wonderful team supporting you to get your best friend back on their feet sooner. With love and gratitude,

                                                                             - Michelle


Blog Post [2.5 min read]

Cold Laser Therapy for dogs is now available at Dogs in Motion Melbourne Australia

Cold Laser Therapy for Dogs now available

Cold Laser Therapy for Dogs is now available at Dogs in Motion clinic Dogs In Motion is pleased to announce we now have Cold Laser Therapy available in the clinic for treatment of injured dogs, older dogs, sporting dogs and post-surgery dogs. What can cold laser therapy do for my dog? Essentially the results achieved is accelerated healing, an accelerated reduction in pain, reduced swelling and reduced inflammation, all in a non-invasive, and safe way. Conditions most commonly treated with Cold Laser Therapy for Dogs Post Orthopedic Surgery – for reducing pain, swelling and inflammation and accelerating healing Post spinal surgery- for reducing pain and accelerating healing Arthritis– hip, elbow, carpus, tarsus: to reduce inflammation, swelling and pain Tendon injury ...

Wagging tails stories of success



Gidget was referred to "Dogs in Motion" after having had major spinal surgery​ from which there was no certainty that she would ultimately regain mobility. At the commencement of her treatment program, Gidget could not walk at all: without the many sessions of supervised underwater treadmill she experienced during her program, she might not have regained her ability to move.  The underwater treadmill sessions boosted Gidget's confidence and gave her a new lease of life.  These sessions were subsequently reinforced by acupuncture which further assisted Gidget's return to a more happy situation.

Without the supervised rehabilitation program, Gidget (after having had major spinal surgery) might have become an immobile, sad little girl: as it transpired, she is cheeky, active and happy.

The services rendered at Dogs in Motion are individually developed for each participant and closely monitored by the expert team, ensuring that optimal results are obtained.

I would highly recommend the services of Dogs in Motion for any dog needing rehabilitation after surgery: the staff are compassionate, caring and knowledgeable and aim to bring about the best possible outcome for the dog and owner.

Dogs in Motion testimonial of Jenna the rescue dog


"I cannot speak highly enough of Michelle and her wonderful team at Dogs in Motion for their care, encouragement and professional approach to enable Jenna to now enjoy and sustain her mobility with the freedom to run and play in the park and at home.

Jenna my rescue Maremma was diagnosed with spinal canal stenosis 3 yrs ago. her future looked grim with paralysis and incontinence the end result. I credit Michelle and her program with now having a dog who is happy, much fitter than ever before, and with only slight signs of a limp left.

Her balance has improved 100% and she can even jump into the car to go to the park without assistance, something she was completely unable to do before. Dogs in Motion is a very special, professional, highly trained group of people dedicated to seeing every dog can reach their own potential with empathy and caring not only for our beloved companions but for us/me as well.
My love and thanks to you all - Lynne