Balance Training and Proprioception Retraining

Dogs in Motion article about Balance Training and Proprioception Retraining by Michelle Monk

Balance and Proprioception Retraining

This is an important component of the rehabilitation programs of most of our patients.

But fit, able bodied pets can really benefit from this too! Just like us going to the gym, balancing on wobble boards, sitting on fitballs and peanuts; even standing on one leg to improve our awareness of our body and assist in injury prevention. Our pets can perform similar exercises, modified to account for them being on four legs.

These exercises can also provide mental stimulation and engagement; most dogs really enjoy them, particularly if there is a great reward at the end.

If you have a sporting dog that particupates in flyball, agility, lure-coursing or the like, you should make balance and proriocetion training part of their weekly exercise routine.

Check out this  video of balance and proprioception training in a dog who is super clever and very body aware!

Please note that if your dog has had an injury, illness or surgery, your program should only be devised by one of our animal physiotherapists.

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About Michelle Monk

I am completely passionate about providing access to rehabilitation for as many dogs and their owners as possible. Not just through my own clinics but also by teaching other health professionals such as Vets, Vet Nurses and Physiotherapists how to provide quality rehabilitation in their clinics.