How Acupuncture can help your dog’s pain

Dogs in Motion article about Facts on Acupuncture for treating animal pain management by Michelle Monk

Acupuncture for Animal Pain Management We are lucky enough to have two Veterinary Acupuncturists in our clinic, allowing our patients to access acupuncture therapy as part of their rehabilitation and as a vital element of their animal pain management. This treatment modality has grown in popularity in the Vet industry in the last five years,…

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How to best care for your dog during the holidays

Dogs in motion blog on how to best care for your dog during the holidays

How the holiday season can affect your dog The holiday season is a crazy time of year with all the social engagements due to Christmas and New Years parties, extra visitors in the house, shopping for gifts and groceries, and lots of delicious items being cooked in the kitchen. Often, we aren’t aware of the…

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Why I became a canine physiotherapist

Roonie the reason I became a canine physiotherapist by Michelle Monk

Human Physiotherapy to Canine Physiotherapy Over 20 years ago I started my physio journey as a human physio because I wanted to help people to have a better quality of life and mobility. Having always had a huge love for dogs, it was a natural progression to shift my skills over to animals. In 2004…

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Can I slow my pets aging process?

Blog post by Michelle Monk of Dogs in Motion about can I slow my pets aging process

Can I slow my pets aging process and help them live longer? As our pets age, it is common for us to see them slow down, lose muscle and ease of mobility. This can be due to a number of factors, some disease-related and some are just a normal part of aging. Can I slow…

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How to Create the Perfect Environment for your Older Dog

Dogs in Motion article about how to create the perfect environment for your older dog by Michelle Monk

As your dog matures in years, it is natural for their muscles to weaken and their mobility to progressively reduce. These will leave them more vulnerable to injuries and arthritis which can cause aches and pains. Creating the perfect environment for your older dog can help to extend both the duration and the quality of…

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Food for the Senior Dog: Eat Well Be Well

Dogs in Motion article about Food for the Senior Dog: Eat Well Be Well by Michelle Monk and Helen McNall

There are many things we can do to support dogs in their senior years to enable them to have lives as long, happy and healthy as they can. They rely on us to meet every single need for them and food for the senior dog is no exception. We know how important it is for…

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Heat or Ice, Which is Best for an Older Dog

Heat or ice, which is best for an older dog - Dogs in Motion Blog

Knowing what is best for your older dog when it comes to treatment of their ailments and making them more comfortable can change as your dog gets older. If your dog is in pain or has an injury, the difference between using heat or ice can be the difference in the way they heal and…

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The Correct Way to Exercise a Mature Dog

dogs in motion blog on how to exercise a mature dog by Michelle Monk

Do you have an older dog? Have you noticed changes in their mobility? This is common, just like it is with us when we age. Muscles can weaken and become less flexible, joints can get stiffer and sorer. These changes may progress slowly – you may just feel like your dog is slowing down- but…

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The importance of massage for older dogs

Dogs in Motion article on the benefits of massage for older dogs by Michelle Monk

The longer we are on the planet the more we use and overuse our muscles. As we mature, repetition of certain movements such as walking, moving from sit to stand and bending can affect our muscles and joints and cause a reduction in mobility. This is the same for dogs too and why massage for…

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How do I choose the correct harness for my dog?

Dogs in Motion article about Choosing the Correct Harness for your Dog by Michelle Monk

This is a question we get asked at least once per day at the Dogs In Motion clinic. Choosing a harness that suits you and your dog is no mean feat! There are different harnesses for different purposes- and some suit some dogs and their owners better than others. Most of the harnesses we recommend…

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