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ClassroomAt Dogs In Motion Canine Rehabilitation, we are committing to providing top quality education to physiotherapists, veterinarians and veterinary nurses, to help them improve the management of their patients.

We also offer workshops for owners and their pets to help maximise their quality of life and longevity

Upcoming Courses and Workshops 2018

Practical Rehabilitation for Vets and Physiotherapists

This course is designed for veterinarians to start integrating rehabilitation principles into their vet practice on a day to day basis.

Part 1: is an online component which consists of lectures to watch and a copy of the course slides.

This course outlines rehabilitation protocols and treatment techniques for everyday pathologies such as hip and elbow dysplasia, spondylosis, stifle surgery, FHO surgery, medial shoulder instability, along with bracing and gait aid options for pets that are not suitable for surgery.

This can be purchased at any time, on its own, so you can watch when it suits you. Click here to purchase.

Part 2: is a single day practical component that refines the assessment and treatment techniques with a hands on approach.

Subjects covered include gait assessment, palpation for muscle soreness, trigger points and tautness, spinal palpation, exercises for strengthening, techniques for treatment of muscle injuries and soreness

Participants must have completed Part 1 before attending this course. The next day for Part 2 - the practical component will be Friday 12th October, 2018. Registrations for this course close Monday 1st October, 2018. To register click here.