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What if there was a way to accelerate the healing of your dog after a cruciate injury or surgery?

Would that be of interest to you?

Besides avoiding the 7 MISTAKES you are about to read about in your new eBook that is on it's way to you, there are also 7 STEPS you can take that will increase the rate at which your canine's recovers from his or her injury or surgery.

There are so many things you can do to have your best friend up and able again and doing the things you both love to do together. In this downloadable book Michelle walks you through the most important equipment, strategies, nutrition and exercises to optimise the recovery of your dog after cruciate ligament injury or surgery.

Here's what you will learn from Michelle's book
7 Steps To Optimise Recovery For Your Dog After Cruciate Ligament Injury or Surgery

How to set up your home environment to aid recovery

What the best equipment is for your dogs injury

How to manage your dogs pain in a healthy way

Ways to keep your dog stimulated and motivated during recovery

The best nutrition for your dog to optimise recovery

How to access the correct exercises to optimise recovery

The importance of having the right support team


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Whenever our best four-legged companion is injured or is in pain there is a feeling of helplessness and guilt for the owner because they usually don't know what they can do, or even if there is anything they can do, to ease the discomfort or to speed up the recovery process.

There are so many unknowns. How do I care for him or her? How do I move my dog around after surgery? What can I do to keep them active mentally while they recover? Should I go to work and leave him or her alone at home?

All of this confusion can be eliminated with these 7 Steps to Optimise Recovery after Cruciate Ligament Injury or Surgery and you and your K9 companion can be well on your way to getting back to doing all the activities you used to love doing together.


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Order today and receive the complete online K9 Massage course (valued at $37) absolutely free