Your 7 Steps to Optimising Recovery after Cruciate Injury or Surgery PLUS the K9 Online Massage Course are on their way to your email now. But what about physiotherapy for your dog?

What can you do if you don't have access to a physiotherapist for your beloved k9 but you want to give him/her the best chance of healing after a cruciate injury or surgery?


The first step before you embark on any type of physiotherapy with your beloved pet is to have an assessment completed by your local Veterinary to ensure you have an accurate diagnosis. Then ideally you then contact a suitably qualified physiotherapist and have them create a treatment plan. But what do you do if you don't have access to this kind of quality care for your best friend?


Michelle Monk of Dogs in Motion Canine Rehabilitation has been helping dogs (and their owners) recover from cruciate injury and surgery for over fifteen years. Through helping hundreds of dogs over the years she has developed a unique seven step RESTORE treatment method that forms the basis of her highly successful rehabilitation programs.


Michelle didn't want to have any dog miss out on the opportunity to have quality care and to get them back to their regular exercise level so that they can enjoy more time with their owners and so she created a sixteen week rehabilitation program that you can do yourself if you aren't able to get to a canine physiotherapist specialist.


This program will guide you through the process of rehabilitating your dog at home and focuses on strengthening your dog's leg and getting them back to regular exercise. This is a structured program that gradually gets your dog back to normal life and includes videos for visual instruction that makes it possible to give your dog the level of care they deserve.

Michelle's Cruciate Ligament 16 Week
Online Rehabilitation Program is designed to:

Encourage early controlled weight bearing

Reduce pain, swelling and inflammation

Minimise muscle atrophy

Accelerate muscle strength

Restore joint range of motion

Aid prevention of further injury

Reduce compensation in other body areas


"Your dog deserves to live a long, healthy,
active and pain free life with you"

You wouldn't expect to have knee surgery yourself and then go back to normal exercise without a physiotherapy program

To think of doing this as a human is ludicrous. So, if you think about it, for your K9, it's the same thing. Our muscles need to be rehabilitated in a structured way to ensure the best recovery after injury but if you don't have access to a qualified therapist then your options are limited.

This is why Michelle Monk created the 16 week Online Cruciate Ligament Rehabilitation Program, for those people who are in remote areas or have limited access to a qualified therapist.

With all the videos, it's like having Michelle right there in the room with you, guiding you through each of the exercises. All you have to do is listen carefully to each instruction and trust that what you are doing is better than no physiotherapy for your dog at all.

Canine Remedial Massage Course accredited by the ACRA

Yes, I want Michelle's Online Physiotherapy Course for my Dog

Gain access to the entire 16 week Online Cruciate Ligament Rehabilitation Course and start your K9 on the road to recovery

Course Overview

Each week the course focuses on a specific goal

Week 1:
Reducing pain, swelling & inflammation + some muscle activation in affected limb

Week 2:
Commencing gentle strengthening exercises while protecting the injured limb

Week 3:
Strengthening progresses and hydrotherapy can commence if accessible

Week 4:
Increased walking + more load on affected limb + weaving introduced

Week 5:
Proprioception exercises on a balance disc + walking continues to increase.

Week 6: 
Some low hurdles can be commenced + increased loading during strengthening

Week 7 :
Commence sit to stand activities and some curb weaving introduced

Week 8:
Vet 8-week check-up - an important milestone for progress to higher impact activities

Week 9:
Increased impact activities like trotting + confinement can be progressively removed

Week 10:
Hill walking can commence and dynamic balance exercises introduced

Week 11:
Can return to normal speed loose leash walking + dynamic balance exercises

Week 12:
Commence jogging on leash and walking across the camber of the hill

Week 13:
Commence trotting up and down hills + continuation of previous exercises

Week 14:
Commence beach walking / soft surfaces and increased off leash exercise

Week 15:
Introduction of play with other dogs + continuation of previous exercises

Week 16:
Back to normal exercise, but following the long term guidelines to prevent further injury

Yes, I want Michelle's Online Physiotherapy Course for my Dog

Gain access to the entire 16 week Online Cruciate Ligament Rehabilitation Course and start your K9 on the road to recovery