Dogs Tails May Issue

Welcome to this month's issue of Dogs Tails, the Dogs in Motion monthly update.

Filled with helpful information, special offers, products, the latest courses by Michelle Monk and everything else that is designed to:

Help Your Dog Get Back on Their Feet and Stay There

The benefits of massage for the more mature dog

Choosing the right level of exercise for your pal

New courses & a special offer


Why massage is important if you have an older dog

The longer we are on the planet the more we use and overuse our muscles.  As we mature, repetition of certain movements such as walking, moving from sit to stand and bending can affect our muscles and joints and cause a reduction in mobility. The same can be said for our dogs.  Massage therapy can be a useful and effective treatment choice for your dog throughout its life and especially during the more senior years.

Massage therapy can be used to treat acute and chronic conditions as well as being a wonderful modality to assist with prevention of injury.  For older dogs, it can be an important part of health maintenance for the following reasons:

Dogs In Motion Courses for Pet Owners:


Canine Cruciate Injury Recovery Course

If your dog has had a cruciate ligament inury or surgery recently and you are unable to access a qualified animal physiotherapist then this course is for you and your dog to accelerate their recovery

For more information or to purchase the course click here.

dogs in motion canine massage for pet owners course

Canine Massage for Pet Owners

This course is an online course that can be taken at any time and is designed to teach pet owners how to massage their pet at home for relaxation and to relieve muscle soreness. 

For more information or to purchase the course click here.


ACRA Accredited Courses

If you would love a career working with dogs every day, or you want to advance your current career with additional qualifications,
or maybe just want to learn how to provide additional care for your dog after surgery, then this section is for you.

Courses for Therapists

Are you interested in a career working with Animals? Dogs In Motion offer several different courses to help kick-start or super-charge your career.


Certificate in Canine Hydrotherapy
(ACRA Accredited)

This canine hydrotherapy course has been designed to teach individuals how to deliver hydrotherapy to the canine patient safely and effectively, working in conjunction with the patient’s vet as part of a healthcare team.

For more information or to download a course brochure click here.


Certificate in Canine Remedial Massage
(ACRA Accredited)

This canine remedial massage course has been designed by Michelle Monk to teach individuals how to deliver a remedial massage treatment to a canine patient safely and effectively, working in conjunction with the patient’s vet as part of a healthcare team.

For more information or to download a course brochure click here.

Upcoming ACRA Accredited Courses

CRI – Introduction to Canine Rehabilitation to be held in Brisbane :

Join Vetprac and The Canine Rehabilitation Institute
30th July - 3rd of August
for the five day Introduction to Canine Rehabilitation Workshop.

This workshop is the first in a series of 3 workshops that will lead you to becoming a CCRT certificate holder with the internationally acclaimed canine rehabilitation institute.

Gain a fundamental understanding of canine anatomy, physiology and biomechanics. Build relevant structures on canine skeletons using clay, and get hands-on experience palpating live dogs. Common orthopedic and neurological disorders of the canine patient are covered including both conservative and surgical treatment options. Canine rehabilitation modalities including traditional physical therapy and integrative therapies are introduced, as well as ways they can be incorporated into a veterinary practice.

Discover the correct way to exercise your dog as it grows older

Do you have an older dog? Have you noticed changes in their mobility? This is common, just like it is with us when we age. Muscles can weaken and become less flexible, joints can get stiffer and sorer. These changes may progress slowly – you may just feel like your dog is slowing down- but knowing the correct way to exercise your dog can have a positive impact on mobility – even improve their mobility!- and improve the quality of your dog’s life.

Here are four points to remember when exercising your mature dog:


"On The Move" ACRA Conference Update:

The ACRA inaugural conference is coming up in October 27-28th 2018. We are so excited to have such a great group of speakers. Head over to the website to see the list and register your place.

The aim of the conference is to share knowledge and expertise, examine research and developments both locally and internationally. The conference is set to cover a wide range of topics around rehabilitation of Canine injuries and surgeries and speakers include Animal Physiotherapists, Veterinarians, Veterinary Specialists, Holistic Vets, Veterinary Chiropractors and Canine Rehab Therapists.

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On Special This Month Only

Experience all the positive benefits your dog will receive by choosing one of these bodywork treatments:



Book a bodywork assessment and treatment with one of our incredible physiotherapists this month and you will receive your second treatment for 30% off. Call us now to make your appointment. Avail until 30th June. Call: (03) 9553 0896

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Combine the Bodywork benefits with the added benefits of nutrition for a happy, healthy dog. For every person who takes advantage of our special Bodywork special offer you can choose a Wellbeing Essentials 500g for Optimal Health and Wellbeing at $10 off the regular price. Simply ask your therapist on the day of your booking for your WBE product.



Help your dog to be in tip-top shape and feel on top of the world. Book 4 bodywork treatments before 30th June and receive a huge 30% off. Call us to make your first appointment. Call: (03) 9553 0986

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than it loves itself

From Michelle's Desk

This month I spent some time in USA at a conference for animal physiotherapists and combined it with a trip to Disneyland for my children to enjoy (OK I enjoyed it too! But shhhh). I've been busy securing some fantastic speakers for the ACRA conference which is coming together nicely and tickets are beginning to sell fast. The clinic has seen lots of happy canine's well on their way to a happier and healthier future and my wonderful team and I are so grateful to be part of that. This week I've locked myself away to create another course so keep an eye out for that one in the next newsletter. Until then, enjoy spending time with your beloved canines.


Wagging tails stories of success 

Gidget was referred to "Dogs in Motion" after having had major spinal surgery​ from which there was no certainty that she would ultimately regain mobility. At the commencement of her treatment program, Gidget could not walk at all: without the many sessions of supervised underwater treadmill she experienced during her program, she might not have regained her ability to move.  The underwater treadmill sessions boosted Gidget's confidence and gave her a new lease of life.  These sessions were subsequently reinforced by acupuncture which further assisted Gidget's return to a more happy situation. 


Without the supervised rehabilitation program, Gidget (after having had major spinal surgery) might have become an immobile, sad little girl: as it transpired, she is cheeky, active and happy.

The services rendered at Dogs in Motion are individually developed for each participant and closely monitored by the expert team, ensuring that optimal results are obtained.

I would highly recommend the services of Dogs in Motion for any dog needing rehabilitation after surgery: the staff are compassionate, caring and knowledgeable and aim to bring about the best possible outcome for the dog and owner.