Walkin Wheels WheelchairThe Adjustable Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair is different from any cart that has been available in the past. So different, that it is often stocked and sold by veterinarians, rehab centers, clinics and pet professionals. The custom built carts of the past, of course, could not be stocked as they took weeks to build and required excruciating measurements. This veterinarian approved dog wheelchair is available for overnight delivery, and sets up minutes. This dog wheelchair offers all the mobility and comfort of custom carts with none of the problems.

  • Fully Adjustable - No Tools Needed.
  • Fits all dogs from 4 to 90 kg
  • Changes as the dog's health changes
  • Folds Flat for easy transportation
  • Looks Classy -- like a professional mobility aid
  • Available Overnight


Your Walkin’ Wheels Dog Wheelchair will contain:

  • A Universal Frame that can be adjusted for dogs from 10 – 60 kilos
  • Or the Walkin’ Wheels Mini for smaller dogs less than 10kg
  • A Wheel kit that is automatically selected based on the height of your dog


Mini Walkin’ Wheels are priced at : $630
Universal frame and wheel kits priced from $845 to $995

All that is required is a simple measurement from the floor to the fold of the flank:

To measure the height of a dog for our Walkin Wheels, measure from the ground to the "Fold of the Flank" as shown here. The Fold of the Flank (FOF) is a thin piece of skin that connects the dog's upper rear leg to his body. Look at the webbing between your thumb and index finger. This skin is very similar to the fold of flank (FOF).

Note: If your dog is overweight, then the fold of flank will probably hang down from his body, making the fold of flank measurement shorter than it really is. You will need to try and move the flank up to a normal position, to get an accurate measurement. The picture of the Boxer below shows a normal fold of flank for a dog that is not overweight.

We do need the fold of flank (FOF) measurement to be as accurate as possible as that is how we determine the size of the wheels and struts your dog will need for his wheelchair. If your measurement is not accurate, you may need to exchange the wheels or struts at your expense. If you are unsure about how to measure, please call us (03 9553 0896) before placing your order and we would be happy to assist you.

The height of the dog is needed so we can select the correct wheel and strut. It snaps in and can be easily changed.

Do NOT stretch the dog's leg and foot out as this will add several inches to the fold of flank and give you an inaccurate measurement.


Measurement assistant



If your dog can stand, use a metal retractable tape measure or yardstick, place it in front of his rear foot/toes and measure straight up to the bottom edge of fold of the flank.


Measurement assistant


If your dog cannot stand, you can measure the fold of the flank when he is lying on his side. In order to get an accurate measurement, position the dog's rear leg in a normal standing position: knee joint and hock joint will be slightly bent.

Bend the dog's foot at his ankle (like it would be if he was standing on his foot). In this picture the yardstick shows a FOF of 18 inches.

Do NOT stretch the dog's leg and foot out as this will add several inches to the fold of flank and give you an inaccurate measurement.

Once you have measured your dog , please contact us to confirm pricing, costs for shipping and to place your order.