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Getting Your Best Friend
Back On Their Feet Faster

Looking to start your career in the rapidly growing field of Canine Rehabilitation?

New accredited Certificate Programs in Hydrotherapy and Remedial Massage have now been released. If you are a dog lover who would prefer to spend their days working with dogs then this is for you!

Canine Rehabilitation Services

Australia’s first Canine Physiotherapy and Hydrotherapy Clinic opened in 2002
Leaders in canine rehabilitation services | State of the art facilities


Workshops & courses to educate dog owners, vets, vet nurses, physios & massage therapists


Our expert physiotherapists will guide you and your pet through the best recovery process


Our state of the art underwater treadmill speeds the recovery of all injuries


All the rehabilitation products you will need to aid recovery can be sourced right here


Avoid these 7 mistakes to give your dog the best chance
of recovery after cruciate ligament injury or surgery

We will never share your information with anyone

We work with injured, sporting and older dogs to optimize their recovery,
improve their physical condition and keep them doing the things they love to do

Injured Dog

Our animal physiotherapists are experts in helping you and your dog to successfully navigate the recovery process

Post Surgery Dog

Starting controlled rehabilitation early post surgery is the key to achieving a successful recovery for your canine

Sporting dog

Active and sporting dogs need to be in tip-top shape – learn how to maximise your dog’s performance and avoid injury

Older Dog

Dogs are a friend for life, keeping them mobile and healthy throughout your time together is one of your greatest gifts

About Michelle Monk

Michelle Monk is Australia’s leading canine physiotherapist. She started the first canine physiotherapy and hydrotherapy centre for dogs in Australia in 2002 and designed and had built the first underwater treadmill for dogs in Australia.

Michelle was voted as the best Canine Specialist Provide of the year in 2010 and 2015 by Master Dog Breeders and Associates (MDBA). Her clinic has been featured on the Today Show, A Current Affair, and in Dog’s Life Magazine. She is not only an Animal Physiotherapist, but an author, mentor, and speaker.

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