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The Importance of Maintaining Muscle Mass as Pets Age

The Importance of Maintaining Muscle Mass as Pets Age 

The Importance of Maintaining Muscle Mass as Pets Age As our pets age, they go through a variety of changes, including changes to their muscles. Sarcopenia, or age-related muscle loss, is a common issue that affects many aging pets. While some muscle loss is a natural part of the aging process, maintaining muscle mass in…

Dogs in Motion article about Facts on Acupuncture for treating animal pain management by Michelle Monk

How Acupuncture can help your dog’s pain

Acupuncture for Animal Pain Management We are lucky enough to have two Veterinary Acupuncturists in our clinic, allowing our patients to access acupuncture therapy as part of their rehabilitation and as a vital element of their animal pain management. This treatment modality has grown in popularity in the Vet industry in the last five years,…

Dogs in motion blog on how to best care for your dog during the holidays

How to best care for your dog during the holidays

  How the holiday season can affect your dog The holiday season is a crazy time of year with all the social engagements due to Christmas and New Years parties, extra visitors in the house, shopping for gifts and groceries, and lots of delicious items being cooked in the kitchen. Often, we aren’t aware of…

Roonie the reason I became a canine physiotherapist by Michelle Monk

Why I became a canine physiotherapist

Human Physiotherapy to Canine Physiotherapy Over 20 years ago I started my physio journey as a human physio because I wanted to help people to have a better quality of life and mobility. Having always had a huge love for dogs, it was a natural progression to shift my skills over to animals. In 2004…

Here are some of our client success stories

Dogs in motion canine rehabilitation client Chloe testimonial

"Dear Michelle, I wanted to let know how grateful I am for your rehabilitation of Chloe after her ACL operation.  It is now 12 weeks since her operation and her leg is well on the way to recovery with the muscle almost back to normal size.  It is so good to see her pain free and regaining her confidence.  She is loving being able to do a bit of running and playing again. Your programme of hydrotherapy, controlled exercises and reviews with you have worked miracles.  I've attached a few photos of her and Freddie using the pods.  Freddie's right leg is also a great tribute to your rehabilitation programme (fully recovered and back competing in Agility).

Thanks again." - Judy


"Since attending Dogs in Motion Buddy has improved so much! He had a grade 5 injury and couldn't use or feel his back legs. He walked using his front legs and dragged his back legs and couldn't wag his tail either. Now he can walk, run and play fetch. He can even use his back legs to scratch his neg and wag his tail again! You guys helped SO much! You helped us by giving us hope, someone to talk to about Buddy's issues and giving us attainable goals so we could help Buddy. The underwater treadmill sessions were amazing! We are so grateful for the help and support in getting our gorgeous boy healthy again.

Thank you." - Hayley & Jess

Dogs in Motion testimonial of Jenna the rescue dog

"I cannot speak highly enough of Michelle and her wonderful team at Dogs in Motion for their care, encouragement and professional approach to enable Jenna to now enjoy and sustain her mobility with the freedom to run and play in the park and at home.

Jenna my rescue Maremma was diagnosed with spinal canal stenosis 3 yrs ago. her future looked grim with paralysis and incontinence the end result. I credit Michelle and her program with now having a dog who is happy, much fitter than ever before, and with only slight signs of a limp left.

Her balance has improved 100% and she can even jump into the car to go to the park without assistance, something she was completely unable to do before. Dogs in Motion is a very special, professional, highly trained group of people dedicated to seeing every dog can reach their own potential with empathy and caring not only for our beloved companions but for us/me as well.
My love and thanks to you all - Lynne


We were recommended to Dogs in Motion by PESC after Hugo had spinal surgery almost 12 months ago. At 13, he wasn’t expected to make a full recovery which we were made aware of but with the help of hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, Acupuncture & laser & a lot of love he’s doing incredibly well.

Your staff are amazing & have shown us so much compassion & care towards Hugo’s recovery. He’s due for another treatment with Libby so I look forward to bringing him in soon. Thank you - Penny


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