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Introducing the Help’EmUp Harness with “Hip Lift.” A complete shoulder and hip harness system that literally lifts the lives of aging or recovering dogs! By placing a pair of handles where you can quickly reach them, this unique dog harness allows you to lend support at any time.

The dog lift harness is especially helpful for owners whose dogs are feeling the effects of aging or health issues. It’s also perfect for Veterinarians and Orthopedic Surgeons who work with dogs recovering from injuries or surgery. In fact, the pain it minimizes may very well be your own!


By continuing with the purchase you acknowledge that there may not be a perfect fit for male dogs in relation to U-band or conventional hip lift and that we do not offer refund for change of mind.

If you are a Vet Clinic or Rehabilitation Clinic, please contact us for a wholesale order form.

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What makes this dog harness truly unique is it’s designed to stay on your dog for extended periods of time. Unlike towels, slings or leashes that need to be rigged with each use, or ramps that have to be moved or adjusted, our harness is right at hand, whenever you need it. We believe if support isn’t there when your dog needs it, it’s just too late.

It’s there whenever you need it. Perfect for getting in and out of vehicles or up and down stairs.

The Help’EmUp Harness represents a breakthrough for Orthopedic Surgeons, Veterinarians, Vet Techs, Therapists, or anyone else who is lifting dogs on a daily basis. Using this harness will significantly reduce load on the handler, thus preventing injury.  Our dog lifting harness provides a way to provide better care for dogs recovering from injuries or surgery — simply by reducing the chances of re-injury during recuperation.

Our unique design lifts the dog’s mass from below, beneath the chest and pelvis, distributing weight over large padded surfaces. The chest and back panels are lined with new air flow materials and perforated neoprene to keep the harness as cool and comfortable as possible. Straps are also covered with neoprene sleeves and areas of most friction are covered with super soft micro fleece.

The “Hip Lift” half consists of a belly band, support straps and a movable pelvic pad that spreads weight over multiple surfaces, allowing you to lift the complete pelvic floor while supporting the spine. By lifting from beneath, and not around the legs, it reduces strain on joints, ligaments and arteries.

Constructed of neoprene, the harness is buoyant and perfect for getting pups in and out of water – therapists will appreciate that. It’s machine washable with mild detergrent, so it cleans up easily – but we recommend you let it air dry for greater longevity.

It’s made of neoprene, so it’s buoyant, extremely comfortable and machine washable.

The Help’EmUp comes in 2 styles:  Conventional and U-Band

Do I need Conventional or U-Band? Please choose carefully as we do not offer a refund for change of mind or incorrect sizing. Some male dogs will not be a perfect fit for either.



Males: stand your dog up or if they cant stand, lie them flat on their side. If you were to place a harness around their abdomen in front of the hind limbs as shown below, look to see where the tip of the penis would sit. If the harness would sit behind as in the picture below, your dog will require a conventional hip lift.


These dogs will need the Conventional Hip Lift



These dogs will need the U-Band Hip Lift

On 20-25 percent of male dogs, the tip of their penis starts farther back between their legs. The U-band shape provides an easy opening so they can urinate freely. The tip of the penis shown here is between or only just in front of the hind legs.


Some Dogs are in between and wont be a perfect fit for either- choosing a conventional will be more comfortable, but you WONT GET A PERFECT FIT.



The Help’EmUp comes in 5 sizes:

Select your dog harness size based on your dog’s weight first, then take measurements for accuracy. If your dog’s weight is on the cusp of harness sizes, we recommend sizing down.


X-Small ( Red): Weight Capacity – 3 to 9 kgs $ 145.00


Neck: 20-45cm | 8-18″
Chest: 20-60cm | 8-24″
Waist: 15 – 50cm | 6-20″

Unlike larger sized harnesses, the X-Small Harness has two connector straps along each side of the back to accommodate the area from spinal cord issues that can be prevalent in small dogs. Most straps on the harness are made of Velcro for easy adjusting with this size.



Small ( Green): Weight Capacity – 5 to 15 kgs $165.00


Neck: 20-60cm | 8-24″
Chest: 25-81cm | 10-32″
Waist: 30-60cm | 12-24″

Breed Types

Dachshunds, Shih Tzus, Terriers, Toy Poodles and smaller, short breed types.


Medium_overview Med Size

Medium ( Orange): Weight Capacity – 15 to 30 kgs $180.00


Neck: 30-66cm | 12-26″
Chest: 40-91cm | 16-36″
Waist: 35-66cm | 14-26″

Breed Types

Bassets, Corgis, Terriers

Also small versions of larger breeds such as collies, retrievers and boxers.


Large Hip Lift Only Outlined - Med Size

Large ( Blue): Weight Capacity – 30 to 50 kgs $ 190.00


Neck: 40-91cm | 16-36″
Chest: 50-101cm | 20-40″
Waist: 40-76cm | 16-30″

Breed Types

Lab and Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds, Rottweilers.


X Large_overview Med size

X-Large ( Yellow): Weight Capacity – 50 to 85 kgs $ 200


Neck: 50-101cm | 20-40″
Chest: 60-111cm | 24-44″
Waist: 45-91cm | 18-36″

Breed Types

Mastiffs, St. Bernards, Great Danes, Bernese Mountain Dogs. Larger rear handle on the Hip Lift provides comfort and support when lifting very large dogs.


Choosing the right harness.

Follow the measurement steps below:

Total weight

Knowing your dogs total weight gets us in the ballpark! So first and foremost, know their weight!

Measure around the neck

Although the girth and waist are the most important measurements, the neck measurement is also helpful.


Measure around the chest

This is the deepest part of your dogs’ chest (measure all the way around its rib cage).

Measure around the waist

This measurement is all the way around your dogs’ hips, specifically right in front of its hind legs

Range within a size.

Each of our harnesses has 11 separate adjustments. This is so you can adjust to meet the unique characteristics of your dog. Each harness has a broad range within its size definition. Meaning – you can adjust the chest to a deep chest or a shallow one, a narrow waist to a plump waist, our harnesses have range! This also means there are about five pounds of crossover at the top and bottom of each size. Ask for help if you are unsure.






Additional information


Large, Medium, Small, XLarge, XSmall, Large (Blue), Medium (Orange), Small (Green), X-Large (Gold), X-Small (Red)


Conventional, U-Band

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  1. Juliana (verified owner)

    Purchased for my 4 year old German Shepherd who had spinal surgery and lost the use of his hind legs. This harness has been a life saviour for both my dog and I as it reduces the amount of lifting I must do but also allows my dog to move freely. Would highly recommend!

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