Wellbeing Essentials


Contains 22 natural wholefoods & super-foods
  • Formulated to provide the vitamins & minerals your dog needs.
  • Includes Essential Fatty Acids, Antioxidants, Prebiotics for optimal long term health
  • 100% Natural & human food standards – bioavailable and safe. No synthetics and no artificial ingredients
  • Developed from research to make real food balanced and complete for dogs
  • Safe to use with any food to increase the goodness and health benefit in their dinner bowl
  • Your ‘secret sprinkle’ to make everything delicious – even the veggies
  • Veterinarian endorsed
  • For your dog’s life long health, wellness and vitality


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Wellbeing Essentials @ the heart of every meal

We have known since Hippocrates that food is the foundation of health – ‘let food be thy medicine and medicine thy food’ applies as much to our dogs as it does to humans. The food that you provide for them is the basis of their health and with Wellbeing Essentials as the nutritional bridge from your food to theirs you can safely and easily provide real food for your dog.

Why is Wellbeing Essentials needed?

Dogs thrive on real food from the kitchen but they have some different nutrient needs to us. Wellbeing Essentials takes the guesswork out by providing these often low or missing nutrients. Veterinarian endorsed.

What is Wellbeing Essentials?

22 natural and wholefood ingredients blended together to supply these missing or low vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, essential fatty acids, antioxidants and prebiotics that dogs require in their diet for long term health and vitality.

Affectionately called ‘doggie dukkah’, or magic powder it is delicious to dogs and easy to use, just add the required spoonful to their dinner bowl.

Who is Wellbeing Essentials for?

All dogs benefit even if not on a homemade diet, as it is a nourishing blend that over-delivers on nutrients that help dogs to thrive.

For the home cook it is a godsend for making the dog’s dinner a sound diet, it gives confidence and peace of mind.

Health problems are often due to a nutritional lack – Wellbeing Essentials will help with:

  • Itchy skin, poor coat
  • Joint pain, arthritis
  • Loose stools/Irritable bowel
  • Senior dogs especially benefit
  • Dogs in recovery from surgery or illness.
How will they benefit?

You will see a change in their coat, brighter eye, more energy or life force over the first few weeks and months. Good nutrition is a lifetime requirement and the full benefits of nourishing your dog with Wellbeing Essentials in their daily dinner bowl will be seen over the long term by your dog aging well with health and vitality.

Animal care and advice

Made with all natural foods making it safe to use with no risk of over-dosage. Although not advised(!) the dog can eat the whole packet with no ill effect.

Safe to use with any diet- cooked, raw or commercial kibble/wet to improve the plane of nutrition and overall health and wellbeing.

Feeding guide

Recommended 5grams of Wellbeing Essentials per 5 kilo of dog’s weight to 15kg. For dogs over 15kg add 5g per 10kg weight. Added daily. Puppies on homemade food may benefit from 2grams per kilo weight to 6months of age to ensure sufficient calcium in their diet.

The 250g pack has 50 x 5g serves

The 500g pack has 100 x 5g serves

The 1kg pack has 200 x 5g serves.

Key features and benefits:
  • Based on Nutrient Requirements of Dogs (industry standard) to make food complete & balanced giving you peace of mind and confidence your dog’s micronutrient requirements are covered.
  • Made with all natural whole food and super foods for maximum bioavailability and optimal health benefits through the complexity of nutrition rather than synthetic ‘single shot’ vitamins.
  • Premium Human food standards and recognisable ingredients to be safe and sure with your dog’s health – using the best to get the best result
  • Calcium:Phosphorus ratio is designed for dogs making it easy to prepare homemade diets.
  • Highly palatable, dogs love it. Helps fussy eaters or dogs in recovery to eat and enjoy food.
  • Easy to use, single serve supplies a wide range of micronutrients.
  • High in Essential Fatty Acids Omega 3 & 6 encouraging good skin health, joint health and overall wellbeing.
  • Rich source of antioxidants may be helpful in prevention of disease, oxidative stress and heart health.
  • Prebiotic & a source of fibre to help optimise gut and digestive health.


“The number one concern of vets with homemade diets is the risk of nutritional deficiencies. Wellbeing Essentials removes this risk by providing a safety net with a wholefood source of bioavailable micronutrients frequently missing. It also contains “superfoods”- sources of potent antioxidants and plant based ingredients to help promote health and wellbeing naturally”.

Dr Barbara Fougere – Veterinarian, Author & Educator

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